Suunto Ladies Shine Over The Weekend, and Ryan Too


What’s better than winning your age group? Having two athletes win their age group. That’s what happened at Ironman 70.3 Gulf Coast this past weekend where Sam Mazer and Deanna Newman both took home top honors in their respective age groups.

The day started out a little “Rough” in the water with what many athletes described as one of the most challenging swim’s ever. “The good thing about a totally BONKERS ocean swim, that was actually just flailing and hoping you were going in the right direction and not getting lost at sea, is that there is so much less pressure when you’re just trying to survive,” said Mazer who now calls Florida home.

I love this next story about Elyse Gallegos who just finished Ironman Santa Rosa, placing 5th overall female and 3rd place in her age group. Why do we love this story? Well, not only is Elyse an absolute machine in triathlon, she’s a full time nurse in the neonatal ICU and oh…she has the cutest little baby boy that isn’t even a year old yet. Her mom skills are rad and just ironic that this race took place over Mother’s Day weekend right? Keep doing what you’re doing Elyse!

Trail Running

The energizer bunny, Aka Ryan Montgomery, notched another big win and another PR with first overall at Quicksilver 100K (9:32:44)! This PR was made even more special by the fact that the race climbed more than 13,000ft on hot, exposed trails, and Ryan even stopped to aid one of his close competitors who suffered heat stroke mid-race and had to be emergency evacuated from trails.

Kelly Young took on “San Diego’s most beautiful 50 mile race”, the PCT 50 Miler. Kelly took home top honors, winning the 50 mile event in 9:38:00.

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Sawna Guadarrama had this to say about her adventures during the Sun Mountain 50: “Sun Mountain was a stunning course with endless wildflowers and perfect weather conditions. This race was incorporated into my calendar as a training race in preparation for a summer 100. Everything that could go wrong did and for the entire race I suffered major cramping and/foot spasms. All I could manage was a cruise control effort in order to manage the cramping. Although I couldn’t run at my full potential, had some nutritional issues, took a wrong turn and added extra distance, I still managed 10th female in a seriously stacked race. It wasn’t my best day but it was a day full of experiences that will help in preparing me for a bigger and better race”! Even with all that, Sawna still managed a smile for the camera.

Sawna enjoying the wildflowers at Sun Mountain 50

Jonnah Perkins Won the Ice Age 50 Half Marathon race in her build up to a 50 miler coming up in a few weeks. She executed her tactics perfect after adjusting her pace and running her own race before surging at the halfway point to take the lead, and the eventual win. Patience my friends…patience. Good things come to those who wait…ok, that’s enough.

Denise Sauriol is on a mission to make this weekly report, every single week. And…she’s at it again. This time, she is on her way to run the Everest Marathon! No, not Everest, KS…Everest as in Mount Everest in Nepal! The race starts at 17,000’ and meanders through the Sherpa trails of the Khumbu Valley. Watch a quick story from the local ABC in Chicago on Denise and her friend Michelle and why they’re both running.

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