Meet the team: Derk De Korver

Derk De Korver - 35 - Los Angeles, CA

An athlete profile with the Netherlands born, LA based Triathlete

What is your sporting origin story? How did it all start for you?

No athletic background, unless we count golf. Smoking and drinking up to the age of 28. Thought it was about time to get fit so started running. Quit smoking after my first Marathon (3:15h) at age 29 as people said I had potential. Did my first Ironman when I turned 30 and am hooked ever since.

What is your "why" for racing, the deeper thing beyond the finish line medal that makes you strive for more?

For me its a journey of realizing my full potential. How far can I go?


Do you have a mantra for racing and training? Where did it come from?

Do today what others won't so tomorrow you can do what other can't. Its a quote from Jerry Rice which I read and felt I could relate to. I use it to push harder in training and to manage pain while racing. If I'm hurting, imagine the other guy type thing.

What's the most embarrassing thing you've done while racing?

I don't like to stop to pee, so I don't. However, to mask it I always rinse water over myself :)

If racing doesn't pay the bills, what does? What's your day job?

I'm a full time Ad Tech Sales Manager at Google.

How do you balance family/work/etc with your passion for sport?

Derk (left) with pros Sam Long and Timothy Winslow

Derk (left) with pros Sam Long and Timothy Winslow

Quality over quantity workouts and getting up very early.

Who is the person in your life that inspires you to constantly work to find the best version of yourself?

In sport, my coaches Matt Dixon and Gerry Rodrigues. In life, my wife.

Tell us about your biggest race fail. What did you learn from that experience?

In 2018 I didn't have the race in Kona I had hoped for so in a desperate attempt to redeem myself I signed up for Ironman Arizona. This ended with a DNF. This taught me to listen to my body more and realize when enough is enough.

What about your biggest accomplishment? What did you learn from it?

I consider finishing 4th in my AGR and 15th overall Amateur in Kona 2017 my biggest accomplishment to date. I learned that this doesn't guarantee anything for future racing. You still need to work hard and hope that everything comes together on race day as Kona 2018 showed (7th in my AGR and 19th overall Amateur).

What's the most beautiful thing you've seen during a race?

I was really touched by Lindsey Corbin offering me her bike when my rear derailleur broke in the Santa Rosa 70.3 race which I was leading with 10KM. Unfortunately, she had speedplay pedals and I had Shimano cleats. In hind sight I should have asked for her shoe size :)

What's the workout you dread most and why? How do you push yourself through it?

Tower 26 Mambo Swim Workout which we do approximately every 6 weeks. I've stopped looking at the workouts so I don't know when the next one is. This way I don't find an excuse to not go to training and once I'm in the water there is no backing out.

What's the workout you love most and why?

Screen Shot 2019-04-30 at 3.08.42 PM.png

With Purple Patch we do a lot of cadence work on the bike trainer. There is a particular song which Matt Dixon plays for me which just builds and builds speed and we are expected to build cadence. I go into a trance with music and by the end am hitting 120+ cadence for a solid minute at z3/4 power and I just love it.

You can only do one more race in your life. Which one do you choose? Why?

Kona. Unfinished business

You can only bring one type of fuel (food) for a race, what to you bring?

I love Clif Blocks. I eat them like candy even if I'm not training :)

How many times do you hit the snooze button in the morning?


What are some of your bucket list races, events, activities?

I'd like to do a standalone Marathon as it has been over 5 years and I would probably like that to be the Boston Marathon. I'm also open to the idea of doing an Ultraman.

When it's time to hang up the shoes on competitive racing, how will you spend all that free time?

I'll probably play golf.