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 IRONMAN 70.3 Bariloche, Patagonia

Kelsey Withrow

Kelsey Withrow

Kelsey Withrow (CA) and Caroline Coble (CA) both finished in the top five of the PRO women’s field  at the picturesque Ironman Bariloche 70.3. Kelsey finished atop the podium in 3rd place, stating “That was the hardest race of my life and I had to fight for every inch of that course.”

Caroline Coble finished in 5th place and had the fastest bike split of the day for the women, covering the 56 mile course in 2:41:18….Yowsa that’s fast. 

It is by no mistake that over half of our team is comprised of women. 30 to be exact. We believe we have found some of the most empowering, strong and inspiring women in the endurance world and are proud to have them representing all of our partners this year. 

No pressure fellas….

Tara Warren - (Ogden, UT)


Many of us are done running our race at mile 26, but that’s right about when Tara found her groove! 

The Marin Ultra Challenge is a 50 mile trail race in…you guessed it, Marin County, that rolls through the Marin Headlands, Mt Tamalpais and the Muir Woods.

Tara finished with a time of 9:35:36, which was good for 3rd place (AG) and 11th overall female! 

Here’s a few words from Tara’s race recap that we wanted to share. 

“I finally found my groove around mile 27. It’s about that same time I had to start adding up the miles in between aid stations on my fingers. Please tell me that you do that too... 19.3 + 4.7???

It was also about that same time when the heavy rains that had bogged down for the first several hours finally let up. There were times as I was shuffling head down through the muddy rivers I really didn’t know if I could slog this out for hours and hours more.

The reprieve came magically as I began descending on the Dipsea Trail into Stinson Beach. Those sections were magical and rejuvenated me. I don’t get to see scenes like that hardly at all and it literally took my breath away and brought tears to my eyes splashing through those quick miles downhill.”

David Fuentes (Austin, TX)

Images by @hankntank and @takethebridge

Images by @hankntank and @takethebridge

David shown here breaking the tape at the Take The Bridge race in Austin. This super secret race series which started in NYC in 2015, has grown into a bit of an underground, adrenaline pumping series that has grown to over 10 cities. 

The races all take place at night and incorporate bridges into the course. You need a custom code to even enter these races. No course markings, no aid stations…just you, a few clues and few hundred other running fanatics!

Ralph Nurse (Crownpoint, IN)

You’re going to see a lot of this guys name this year, that’s for sure! Ralph is a racing machine. It feels like he races every day. This weekend he did just that! After  completing the Fat Bike Birkie race in Chequamegon Forest, WI on Saturday, Ralph drove home and ran a half marathon the next day. We’re tired just writing about this.

Nurse finished 53rd Overall at the Fat Bike race and 6th Overall (3rd AG) at the half marathon the next day.

Allan Spangler (Anchorage, AK) 

If you ever wondered how many miles of nordic skating trails there are in Anchorage, just ask Allan…or have a look at his Suunto 9 file from this past weekend where   he and a few others covered all 90miles of ‘em! No race results here…just an insane amount of miles on a pair of nordic skate skis and a feat that many will try to complete for years to come I’m sure!

Jeff Mutchie (Boise, ID) 

In a little “tune up” for Boston Marathon, Jeff knocked out a 1:17 half  marathon at the Boise Spring Run on Sunday,  good for 2nd place Overall.

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