Out Here With...

Out Here With... is a series of Suunto athlete stories written by a fellow team member, Caroline Coble. 
Caroline takes us beyond race results and social media to show how dynamic and awesome this group truly is. 

About athletes. By athletes. 

Samantha Snukis

Let me tell you about Snuke B. Snookie. Snuke Dawg….aka Samantha Snukis.

She’s quiet, a bit reserved, never fighting for attention, but she brings the heat.  We first met at our Suunto Team Camp in March, which was filled with 52 excitable endurance athletes who have arguably too much energy for their own good. We were buzzing, so amped to be there. Fired up to train, get to know each other, and meet our badass sponsors. But just beyond all this energy…I felt a girl crush emerge. That’s right. I’ll admit it. I have a girl crush on the Snuke.


She didn’t seem to get wrapped up in the frenzy. Instead, she seemed to be intensely engaged, observing, absorbing, so present. She was there for no other reason than the love for sport and being around a bunch of like-minded kooks, and I wanted to hang out with her. I could tell she shines brightest when she’s doing work. Not talking about working. Working. Not Instagram posting or Tweeting about training. Training. Not talking about racing and stats and results. But building, chipping away every day, until before we know it she’s going to smoke everyone at a race (just wait).

Snuke Dawg loves the grind, in sport and in life. She’s been an athlete since she was a toddler (basketball, volleyball, running), was a chem/math major in undergrad, and went on to get not one, but two Masters degrees. She currently works as a PA in orthopedic surgery at Commonwealth Orthopedics in Reading, PA and still manages to train 2-3x per day. Even with this full schedule, Snuke qualified for the 2020 Olympic Marathon Trials, even after battling through multiple injuries starting in 2016.

After running a 2:49 at the Philly marathon in 2016, she kept training a bit too hard and developed a stress fracture…and started swimming, which ultimately led her to triathlon (lucky for us!). She eased back into training and raced the 2018 Lake Placid 70.3 (her 2nd half ever) and WON the entire race. Just over 2mo later, she showed up to CIM and smoked it with a 2:42 and OTQ!

Doesn’t that give you the chills? Same. 

Needless to say, The Snuke has a big year ahead of her, capping it off with the Olympic Trials in February 2020. She already won her first duathlon and is gearing up for the French Creek Olympic and Eagleman 70.3. I’m sure she has a few other races on the schedule, but she’s not talking about it. She’s just training about it. Head down. Grinding.

 (p.s. don’t worry, Snuke…. I’m a happily married woman, so don’t worry about me creepin’…I am, however, so honored to call you a teammate. Rock on this year, metal head!)


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