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 Sam Long (Boulder, CO)

Someone forgot to tell Sam he’s a triathlete! Because he just won a marathon! Sam’s main sport is triathlon, but he’s not afraid to leave the bike and wetsuit behind as he did this past weekend at the Kaiser Permanente Napa Vally Marathon.

The “Big Unit” as he is known, covered the 26.2 miles from Calistoga, CA to Napa, CA in a time of 3:32:33.

Sam executed his plan for the day with precision and patience as he passed Zack Sims at mile 22 to move into the lead where he held strong ‘till the end.   

Denise Sauriol (Chicago, IL)

Denise Sauriol was running  the Tokyo Marathon for more than her 106th marathon finisher medal. She was running for more than her second, Abbott World Marathon Majors Six Star medal. 

Denise was running for change. Through her own personal struggles with mental illness, Denise found Nami-Chicago, a non-profit that provides hope and guided direction for those struggling with mental illness.

This was not Denise’s first time running the Tokyo Marathon. She ran in 2014 and Denise described this one as having a significant impact on her life. “You see, I was "physically" at my birthday party, but I was at a "mental" rock bottom...and not marathon morning but in my life” said Sauriol. She went on to say it was a heart shredding breakup that sent her into a downward spiral of emptiness and sadness. 

Itis her hope that by raising funds and awareness for this charity that others who are going through similar struggles in life will reach out and get help and change who they are. 

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