Lots and Lots of Miles

Trail Running

Tara wearing her 100 mile podium kicks - Oofos recovery sandals

Tara wearing her 100 mile podium kicks - Oofos recovery sandals

Tara Warren took on 100 miles of the Bighorn Trail Run in Sheridan, Wyoming over the weekend. The breathtaking course traversed rugged trails and 4x4 roads topping out at 10,000 ft in some areas. Tara completed the race, taking 2nd place overall female!

**Update - Turns out that Tara not only took 2nd place, but she did it with broken ribs from a spill she took around mile 12… of a 100 mile race.

Jordan Grande stayed up all night to finish 2nd overall female at the Hypnosis 54k Trail race in AZ where temps were above 100 degrees at the start! Yes we said it, 100 degrees!

We don’t know how she did it, but with no luggage, no gear and feeling a little under the weather, Alex Borsuk dug deep at the Scenic Trail Race (54k) in Switzerland and finished as the second US female! Oh, and did we mention while running in the top ten, Alex rolled her ankle so bad that she had to get it taped up and could barely walk on it? Well, in good trail runner fashion, she persevered and finished the race. Heal up fast Alex!



We have a pair of state champions and they happened to be married to one another! How awesome is this! Jacqui Giuliano and her husband Ryan Giuliano each won the overall titles at the Illinois State Triathlon Championships race this past weekend. It sure seems like Jacqui is recovered and back after an injury that had her sidelined for much of the early season.

Roger Thompson has been jumping into races left and right this season. He entered the Trailblazer Triathlon, a local Spokane Sprint race, and even though he jumped into the race last minute, Roger still managed to take the overall win.

Mountain Biking

We told you we would be talking about Ralph Nurse a lot, and this week Ralph covered 100 miles on a fatbike to finish 2nd place overall in the Fatbike category at the Lumberjack 100 mountain bike race in Michigan. Ralph will be racing another 100 mile event on knobby tires soon, the Leadville 100.


Time Trial


Timothy Winslow hung up the wetsuit and running shoes and took on some of Colorado’s best cyclists at the 40K Pro/1/2 individual Time Trial State Championships. Timothy finished the TT in 50:16, an average speed of 29.5mph, taking 4th overall and 2nd among CO residents!